All Stress Free RVs and trailers include essential supply kits which contain the following:


We bag, tag, and color code the pass through compartment supplies for your convenience

  • Blue = Fresh Water Hose
  • Black = Septic Waste Slinky Hose, with adaptor and Rails
  • Yellow = Power Cord
  • Green = Accessories (chocks, blocks, electric cord adaptors)


Large clear bin that’s replenished and reset for each rental, contains:

  • Bathroom = SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper and toilet pods
  • Bedroom = Master Bedroom Mattress Cover
  • Kitchen = A pot and pan, set of 4 plates,bowls, cups, and silverware, spices, cutting board with sharp knife, sponge and hand towel, baking soda (for the refrigerator)
  • Cleaning = hand sanitizer, hand soap, dish soap, spray, wipes, paper towels, garbage bags, broom and dustpan, swiffer mop